Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Joyce and it’s my goal to help you reach or unleash your potential to achieve your desired goals. I work with you to eliminate the barriers resulting in increased productivity, confidence, energy and improved overall health. 

If you change  your thoughts you change your life.

What Led me to Hypnotherapy?
After 30 years working in the same department I felt I was becoming stagnant and found myself blaming others for my dis-satisfaction so I began looking for alternate career options.  Hypnotherapy seemed like a good fit.  Through my journey in becoming certified as a hypnotherapist I got way more than I anticipated learning a lot about myself resulting in significant personal growth.  Through this experience I gained confidence, accepted responsibility for my own happiness and developed satisfaction in my career.  So now I enjoy my work in the cancer clinic and my work with hypnosis and hope I can assist you in producing similar changes in your life.

I believe we create our own happiness and my motto has become you always have a choice.

I am married with two adult children.  I am a certified hypnotherapist registered with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy (IMDHA)Association and operate Unleash Your Potential wit Hypnosis.

I am also a Medical Radiation Technologist in Radiation Therapy and have 30 years experience working in cancer care, with the last 20 years in an educator role.  The work in the healthcare environment has taught me the importance of privacy and confidentiality so you can be assured that all work with me is treated as confidential. 

My life's mission has been to help people during a time of need and this has taught me to always look for the positive in situations and that there is always something new to learn.  In 2010 I obtained a certificates in Adult Continuing Education & Training and Human Resources Development from the University of Regina.