Fear of Dental or Medical Procedures

Are you extremely apprehensive of a dental visit or medical procedure?

Where the night before an appointment you suffer from sleeplessness, loss of appetite, feelings of being cornered, and cramps all over.  These fears are often set off by images of earlier experiences with doctors (and visits to the dentist) that are magnified by visions of medieval horror scenes. People seldom judge the actual situation properly because they drown it out with their own fantasies or tales recited by others. This turns even the simplest treatment into a stressful session. 

Reaction such as this result in irregular or missed visits to the dental clinic, which, in consequence, may lead to increase more severe forms of dental issues and it becomes a vicious cycle. 

Why Does this Occur?

This anxiety to dental or medical procedures is often a result of beliefs that were developed as a child as a result of a traumatic experience or perhaps from learning the fear from a parent or someone else. 

I Can Help!
Clinical hypnosis could be a nonāˆ’invasive therapeutic option to increase treatment comfort before, during and after dental or medical procedures. 

Developing relaxation techniques can go a long way in managing the stress during the dental or medical procedure.  Together we can identify and address the event that created the fear in the first place thus building your confidence and comfort.