Whether for pure clean fun and laughter or motivational fun that delivers a message, as part of a show or a presentation, hypnosis is a perfect way to enhance any event.   It will be funny, tasteful and inspiring helping to make any event on your calendar memorable.  Bring your next convention, conference, awards banquet, customer or staff appreciation night, holiday party, or a fundraiser to life with a show or presentation by Hypnotist Joyce Warren. 

Well, of all the Saturday night entertainment that was going on in Regina last night, we think people were having the best time at the St. James/Lumsden Beach  event with hypnotist JOYCE WARREN!! The energy in the room was exciting and the smiles and laughter meant that all were having a great time.

Thanks so much Joyce for all the time and energy that you put into making this a worthwhile place for people to spend their time. Your show was professional and perfect for this audience. We also loved the way that you closed off with the Lumsden Beach suggestions. The gift of " meeting your goals" that you gave the "on stage participants" was also a true gift of inspiration for all of us in attendance and you gave us all" much food for thought"so thanks so very much for that.

Your show had " alot of Heart". Enjoy the rest of your weekend with your family.

Thanks again, Laureen and Randy Graham


I want to say  Thank you! for the hypnosis session you performed at the Gala. It completely captured the attention of the audience and was certainly funny, while being wholesome and professional.

Karen Fader


Joyce provided a comedy show as the entertainment for our annual football awards banquet at Robert Southey School.  The students and adults in attendance loved it!  She customized the content to include items relevant to our football team, coaches and community and the crowd never stopped laughing.  She is a caring professional who made sure that our students felt comfortable and enjoyed the whole experience.  I would highly recommend her show for any school based function.  Her presentation really added a special touch to the whole evening and she is a very talented hypnotherapist. 
Kathleen Istace
Robert Southey School - Principal


Whether looking to raise some money, looking for a keynote speaker for your event or wanting something fun to enhance an event, consider a clean, tasteful and fun stage hypnosis show or presentation with a hypnotic twist  for your next event to raise the mood and energy in the room.


I help organizations create positive change using clean hypnotic entertainment to achieve desired goals.