If you are:

  • motivated and excited about improving yourself
  • looking for an effective way to accomplish your goals
  • open to looking deep within yourself

Contact me for a free consultation.

Hypnotherapyis NOT about doing crazy things on a stage to entertain others. It's about someone to facilitate hypnosis to help you access and fully utilize your own potential.  When you unleash your potential life will become less of a struggle and more of what you want it to be. It's about breaking away from all the things that are holding you down.

Unlike stage hypnosis where the goal is to create an illusion that individuals are under the control of the hypnotist.  Hypnotherapists work collaboratively with their clients and give control to individuals.

I offer hypnotherapy services to help you reach your true potential by reaching your desired goals.  I offer free consultations.  There is no obligation to continue with hypnosis sessions, this consultation is to provide you with an opportunity to learn more and determine if we are a good fit.

If you choose to continue, each session consists of discussion regarding your goal and my plan for your hypnosis. Into a hypnotic state, I provide suggestions and manage your depth of hypnosis.  At the end of the session we will debrief.   The number of sessions required to achieve the desired results varies, most will respond in 4 – 8 sessions.  Some people find over time results fade requiring a follow-up session to get back on track.
Hypnosis may be for you if:

Hypnotherapy Services

Hypnotherapy may be for you if:

  • Want to change something but something always comes up preventing the desired change.
  • Wonder if there is something else going on that you need to understand but you can't put your finger on what it is.
  • You are struggling with something that’s difficult to talk about but afraid people wouldn't understand or might judge you.
  • You wish that you had an open-minded, nonjudgmental, neutral person that could help you do something to resolve your problem.
  • Want a caring, empathetic, curious and supportive guide on your journey of personal growth

Hypnosis is an effective method used to help people achieve their goals including but not limited to:

       - Weight Management & healthier eating habits

       - Quitting Smoking

      - Public speaking skills

      - Study Habits

      - Focus, motivation, success

      - Sports performance