It is during these years that as women we can now start doing things for ourselves, for many years we suppress our own feelings and desires to tend to the needs of our family.  As are hormone begin to change, our bodies have different needs and we can’t get away with some of the things we did in our twenties and thirties.  Perimenopause and menopause is a time to self-reflect and begin to seek things that bring us pleasure on a regular basis.  It is time to listen to our bodies and improve our health, lifestyles, and relationships by tending to our own needs. As a result there is opportunity to feel sexually vibrant and happy, with a strong, fit body and be productive with anything we choose to focus our attention on.  It is time to celebrate our successes.

It is Time to Change Our Perspective About Menopause

When we hear the term menopause many negative images or thoughts enter our minds.  Things such as hot flashes, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, getting old, irritability, memory loss and the list goes on.  These images translate into feelings and beliefs resulting in menopause being something that is often dreaded.       

It is human nature to find the things that we look for, so unfortunately with these types of thoughts, menopause becomes a negative experience.  There are cultures who celebrate menopause, and menopause is a time when women increase their social status, in these communities women do not experience the negative menopause symptoms experienced in North America.  This demonstrates that our attitudes, thoughts and beliefs have a significant impact on what we experience. It is time to redefine what we believe about menopause and learn to embrace it.  We are living longer and there is a good possibility that you will live more years post menopause than pre-menopause  so let’s begin to seek the positives of this phase of life making it something to look forward to! 

I Can Help!
Imagine yourself satisfied, fulfilled, happy and healthy!  This is possible when we release our inner potential.  Whether you want help reaching goals to improve your lifestyle or are looking to manage menopause symptoms like hot flashes clinical hypnosis is chemical free non−invasive therapeutic option.  

Developing relaxation and visualization techniques can go a long way in managing the anxiety and hot flashes that sometimes accompany menopause.  Together we can help you get control of your life leaving feeling vibrant and satisfied!

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Hot flashes can cause discomfort, sweating, disrupted sleep, rapid heart rate, anxiety, and decreased quality of life. In the past, the standard treatment for hot flashes has been hormone replacement therapy. However, research has found an increased risk of breast cancer in women receiving hormone replacement therapy so many women are searching for natural approaches to managing these symptoms.

Hypnosis is a mind-body intervention that has the potential to manage hot flashes.  It has been researched as a method of reducing the symptoms associated with hot flashes with promising results.  Hypnosis can assist in the management of hot flashes and this also results in other improved health benefits such as decreases anxiety and improved sleep which means better quality of life.    

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