Are you looking to bring the WOW factor to your educational event?  If you are planning an educational or motivational event for your organization and looking for a keynote speaker or educational presentation that explores how the  power of the mind can promote the change your group or organization is looking for and leaves participants motivated and believing in themselves, consider Hypnotist Joyce Warren’s  for a 60 or 90 minute interactive presentation.

The interactive presentations highlight skills and attitudes required to create positive change.  Joyce uses hypnosis to engage the audience and reinforce the concepts  discussed.  Presentations encourage and teach the guests to be accountable for overcoming limiting beliefs in order to accomplish their goals.  The concepts are reinforced with hypnosis demonstrations allowing participants to truly understand the power of the mind.  This creates a very powerful takeaway that will affect their positive mindset at work, and at home and ultimately improve productivity.

All presentations are tailored to the groups specific interests and  desired outcomes.  Basic topics include but are not limited to:

  • Facing our fears
  • Taking responsibility for your own success
  • Acknowledging your potential
  • The ABC’s for Embracing Change

If you are ready for empowering experience for the event you are planning, then a fun-filled interactive presentation by Joyce Warren is just what you are looking for!