Hypnosis Stage Shows

Try a Hypno Fun-D-Raiser

Whether you are organizing a convention, conference, awards banquet, customer or staff appreciation night or a holiday party, are you looking to bring the WOW factor to your event?

With all of the entertainment options available for you to pick from, you want to make sure you get the best entertainment for event.  A Comedy Hypnosis Show is the perfect tonic to improve morale and encourage team-building within your organization.  Hypnotist Joyce Warren provides a positive and powerful show will leave you bursting with laughter and amazement.  Allowing you to explore the magic of your mind as Hypnotist Joyce Warren takes you on a journey of your sub-conscious mind. 

This unique entertainment idea for your event is a highly interactive show that will fill the room with fun, laughter and energy.   Stage Hypnotist, Joyce Warren creates an encouraging and fun atmosphere that makes people feel comfortable to become part of the show.  Once your audience becomes engaged and excited about the show they realize that it is going to be a fun event full of laughter and amazement.  Joyce’s shows are always clean, classy and tasteful. Everyone has a great time and the volunteers become the stars of your event.

As well as being fun and entertaining this show is inspiring and will incorporate your corporate message.    Participants are provided an opportunity to make a positive personal or professional change in their life. 

If you are ready for an unforgettable experience that will keep people talking? Then this fun-filled show is just what you are looking for.

Are you looking for a unique fundraising opportunity? Imagine a successful, amazing program that will help raise funds needed.

This fundraising opportunity is designed for ANY group, regardless of size.  The amount raised is based on the number of ticket sold. 

You determine the ticket price depending on your demographic and how much money you want to raise.

It’s an easy, fun and exciting way to turn family fun into money for your organization.

So - Put The Fun Back in Fundraising with a few these easy steps!

  1. Chose a date and provide the venue and chairs for volunteers and audience.
  2. I provide an electronic poster that you can share electronically and/or print.
  3. You promote the show and create and sell tickets.
  4. I receive 50% of sales for the first $500.00 of sales and 25% of remaining sales.
  5. Enjoy the Show!