Why Stopping smoking 

Quitting smoking will not only drastically improve your health it will save you money and we all want to be healthier and wealthier.  Smoking a packet of cigarettes a day costs on average $4500.00 per year! It also significantly increases your risks of developing cancer, heart disease and more.

Many smokers say they don't have the willpower to quit, but they must have had some determination to start smoking in the first place as very few enjoy their first cigarette! Besides, if you have to use willpower to stop it usually means that the desire isn’t really there at all. Perhaps you just feel as though you should stop for the sake of your health or because your family are giving you a hard time over your habit, rather than actually wanting to quit.

Believe it or not the physical addiction to nicotine is the easiest problem to overcome, this is why so many nicotine replacement products don’t work in the long term. They only serve the purpose of feeding the belief that you can’t live without nicotine and this is simply not true.

Rationally you know that stopping smoking is the sensible path but there is part of you that seeks reasons or excuses to carry on down the old path. This emotional link to smoking results in you finding reasons why you should continue with the habit, such as “my life is too stressful”, “I don’t want to gain weight”,” I enjoy smoking” etc. In this battle between the rational and emotional parts of the mind there is usually only one winner! But there is an easier way…. 

I Can Help!
You need to think differently about smoking and challenge the association between smoking and drinking, smoking and driving or coffee and a cigarette for example. Finally you need to believe that you can be a non-smoker and ensure your subconscious doesn’t sabotage your progress by defining you as a smoker and working against you.

We will work together to help you quit smoking for good by identifying and addressing your sub-conscious beliefs that are currently driving your desire to smoke.  Leave the session as a non-smoker!

Quit Smoking