Look and Feel Great!
We all want to look good and feel good but often life gets in the way.  Some people find that their lifestyle is preventing them from achieving their weight goal. Things like lack of time to cook healthy meals, snacking because of hunger, boredom or to address emotions.  No time or energy to exercise.   

Why Dieting doesn't Work

If you have find that you diet and exercise on and off you are likely frustrated because your success is short lived.  You begin a new diet with enthusiasm but unfortunately initial buzz and determination rarely lasts long term leading to re-gaining the pounds plus a few extra for good measure as the old habits return.

This is called ‘yo-yo’ dieting.  What happens is your mind has developed beliefs from past experience and now expects you to fail, even before you start, because you have failed to lose weight so many times before.

Dieting and the focus on losing weight is also part of the problem. Going on a diet indicates that it is a short term measure instead of a permanent lifestyle change and your subconscious mind will have been programmed since birth to enjoy gaining and winning and dislike losing.

That’s right you are being sabotaged by your subconscious.  

I Can Help!

Instead of trying to summon up ‘willpower’ to achieve your goal you need to find a new way of thinking and behaving around food and exercise that will enable you to enjoy working towards maintaining your new lifestyle and forming new habits.

Together we will address your individual needs to help you habits that will last a lifetime!  

Achieve a Healthy Weight